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Project Description
2D Scrolling Platform Game. Based on the Platform Engine by Microsoft. Now has high quality graphics and sound. Will be made available on Windows and XBox.

Please send any comments to:
Although based on microsofts xna platformer engine. the game play and most of the fetures are all mine.
  1. High scores, based on gamer tag
  2. On windows: compatible with both keyboard and plug-in XBOX 360 controller input.
  3. A version will be released for xbox after the windows version.
  4. Collisions with enemy's.
  5. Time Limit difference between longer and shorter levels
  6. Points based on gems collected and time remaining.
  7. There will not be a level editor (both xbox and windows will not be able to make custom levels)
  8. There will be around 100 levels.

More will be added when possible.

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